Monday, November 2, 2009

The Wise Do Not Speak, They Watch

            Last Friday I got into a heated debate about what type of jacket a parka is. A girl from Michigan and a girl from Kansas claimed it was some type of gortex windbreaker, while I insisted (correctly, of course) that it was a heavy winter coat, lined with fur, with a large hood, also lined with fur; a guy from Seattle and a guy from D.C. supported these claims. This took place in the kitchen area of my apartment – at least, at first it did, for it continued long into the night.
Saturday afternoon at around two I was woken by someone using a weed-whacker down the street – not because the noise was loud, but because it reminded my brain of the sound my cell phone used to make when it vibrated against the floor and I didn’t want to miss a call – and I stumbled into the kitchen to get water. Upon lifting my head from the faucet, I noticed the microwave resting on top of the refrigerator was named “Alaska,” and I realized how absurd it had all been, how the whole time we could have ended the argument if we had only thought to turn our heads and ask.

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  1. She Who Watches.....
    Also called the the Stone Owl Woman who whatches. The single most notorious petroglyph in the Columbia River Gorge. Legend has it that Indian woman have gone to the stone and knelt before it. They would say something like " You who watch, please look into me and see my problem and help me to solve it. " A ray of light would come down to shine on the stone face then. After a woman goes to her teepee to sleep a dream would come telling her how to deal with the problem.