Thursday, September 27, 2012


If you are drifting through life,
if you don't know why
you want what you want,
or what you want at all,
if you don't know what to like,
or hate, or be indifferent to,
if you don't know where
you excel, what you're brilliant at,
if you don't know why you
struggle, if you don't know how
to struggle, or fight, or give up,
if you don't know when it's time
to stop, or start, or move forward,
or backward, to remember,
to forget, if you don't know
how to get to where you feel
you must go, if you don't feel
you must go anywhere, head
to Iceland, or Greenland, or
Barrow, Alaska, somewhere
close to the top of the globe
where directions lose their meaning.