Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year's In Prague

A selection of my favorite Melissochka shots from the last two years

There's still plenty I have yet to see, and plenty yet to take, but here's the ones I liked the most so far.

Arriving at the airport in Fes.

On break from class during training in Fes.

In class during training in Fes. Don't let the sun fool you. There's a reason my hat and jacket is on. It's fucking cold in there.

On the roof of Hotel Oscar during a group training in Rabat, Morocco.

Fes, where we lived for two months during training. This fool was always sitting there.


Skoura, Morocco, our town. Boniface getting a bath on the roof.

Goulmima, Morocco - our friend Sanjay's summer camp.



Goulmima - 4th of July party at Sanjay's.

Goulmima - Sanjay's photo of the King himself.



Chefchaouen, Morocco




Skoura - dry riverbed running through town.

Streets of Skoura

Prague - balcony of our apartment.

Prague - view from the balcony.

Visiting Portland



Berlin - Bauhaus Museum.

Santorini, Greece - this guy's making sure the buildings stay nice and shiny.

Vatera Beach, Greece

Krakow, Poland - peeked through a hole at the top of a tower and was greeted by this little Peregrine Falcon fellow looking back.


Skoura - view from the roof of our apartment. The other direction was nothing but desolate desert.