Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Tribute to Mr. Horvath

You, who
picked me up, plus one, from
the train station and did not
hesitate to put us both up for five
nights in your spotless living room.
You, who
had one of the largest pizzas
I have ever seen waiting on
your dining room table,
took us to the pub that night,
though you had to work
the next morning.
You, who
brought us along to your hometown
to meet your wonderful parents, who
had the best meal of my trip
ready to eat, and who got us
drunk on beer and Hungarian liquor
at two in the afternoon, and gave
us wine, more liquor, and cigars
as parting gifts.
You, who
drove us further, to another town,
and introduced us to more of
your family, warm and welcoming
despite hardly understanding us,
at the birthday party for your
one year old cousin, Bence.
You, who
drove us still further, while
we slept, to the hometown of
your girlfriend Anna, where you
took us to the party, a DJ
festival at an arena, and...
And Anna's parents, who put
us up that night in their
new home and fed us
breakfast in the morning.
And you, who
took us Go-Kart racing that
day on the fastest Go-Karts
I have ever seen.
You, who gave me perfect
directions (bus, train, bus)
to the airport, and showed
me the cheapest flight to
You, who
cooked for us,
fed us,
paid for far too much of it,
who let us use your washing machine,
even your toothbrush (just kidding... or am I?)
Mr. Horvath, you, I salute!

Take care, Peter. Hope to see you again soon.

Click here for some Budapest pictures (admittedly I may have gotten carried away with Picassa photo editing)


  1. A most fitting tribute to friends and families to read on Thanksgiving morning! Love from all of yours in Oregon.

  2. Probably my words won't be as flowery as yours however what I did in the past week is just vanishing compared to what I got from all of you in the US five years ago. Joy, fun, laughter and friendship! It was the least thing to do, so I hope you got to love Hungary and that it wasn't the last time to visit us. Take care in Amsterdam and have fun in those coffee shops I would love to go to... :)
    Peter alias Mr. Horvath :)