Friday, November 13, 2009

A Poem That Has Nothing to Do With Prague


The title of this document is Document2.
It is the second document I have opened
during this session of Microsoft Word,
that is why it is called Document2.
Also, it is because I have not given it a
name. This document has no name, so
it goes by Document2. Document2 is
the default name. I have no qualms with
default names, which is why I will
leave this document titled Document2.
Also, it is because I have written a poem
in this document called Document2.
It was named Document2 by default, but
now there is a reason. I once knew
a man who did this with his children. The
reason that I knew him was that I married
one of his daughters. Her name was Kid4.
The reason that he did this with his children
was never clear to me. I cannot say if it
was the same reason that I titled this
document Document2. If I had to guess I
would say probably not, because he was
not the type of man I expect wrote much
poetry. He was the type of man who
broke open floss containers and put the
whole spool into his mouth and chewed
it for hours. He was the type of man who
loved to scare birds by putting on a
rubber bloodhound mask. He carried that
mask everywhere. Kid12 once told me
he showered with it on. I cannot be sure,
because I never accepted his invitations
to shower. Kid12 didn’t seem like the
type of person to lie, though. He was the
type of person that wrote poetry, like me.

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  1. I was sitting here thinking about Document2, and I had the urge to read it again, and lo and behold, what did I find on your blog! Thank the lord. Thank you for posting ole Document2.