Friday, February 21, 2014

Good Movies You Might Not Have Seen

Live from a 10 hour layover at the Paris Airport, I present to you the following list, in honor of all the time I had in the past year to watch movies.

Comedy (at least, they'll make you laugh most of the time. And maybe they'll make you cry, too, like the several wailing, sobbing Moroccan women that were just on my flight, and I thought the man that was lying in the aisle behind me, out of sight, had surely just died, or had blood gushing from his head. But, alas, moments later, he was up in his seat smiling, and had only fainted. Is moaning, tears streaming down your face, an acceptable reaction from an adult to a man fainting? Am I being insensitive to say that's absurd? Is this something cultural? A manifestation of the utter helplessness they feel every day? Please, where is a man to fix this problem? I am only a helpless, sobbing, woman and I can do nothing but cry! Because it wasn't just one grown, middle-aged woman who is supposed to be a grownup adult human. It was at least four, maybe more that I didn't see. And they weren't together. This wasn't one party getting upset. This was multiple, unrelated parties, very audibly and visibly sobbing.)

Serial Mom
Chinese Odyssey 2002
Wreck-It Ralph
Nacho Libre
Casa de mi Padre
Four Lions
The Guard
Quick Change
The Castle


Nobody’s Fool
Songs from the Second Floor
Fish Tank
Pieces of April
The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada
Lone Star
Swimming Pool
The Proposition
The Secret in Their Eyes
Romper Stomper


Paris, Texas
The Passenger
Pride of the Yankees
Night Moves
Days of Heaven
Fireman’s Ball
Barry Lyndon
Atlantic City
A Woman Under the Influence
The Boys from Brazil


Who is Harry Nilsson? And Why is Everybody Talking About Him?
Encounters at the End of the World
Sherman’s March
The King of Kong
Anita O’Day: Life of a Jazz Singer
Alone in the Wilderness
The Other Dream Team
Happy People: A Year in the Taiga
Big River Man
The Harvest/La Cosecha
The Art of the Steal

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