Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ways I Have Been Woken in Morocco

Some of these would be normal in America, some of these would not. Can you guess which???

-       My alarm clock
-       Melissa using her computer
-       Wind storm
-       Packs of dogs attacking each other
-       The egg man walking down the street screaming, “Eggs! Eggs!” (6-7 AM)
-       Sunlight
-       Being hot
-       Guy yelling at a donkey and whipping it while they ran around in a circle (6 AM)
-       Being cold
-       Allergies, sneezing
-       Large wedding parade of screaming people playing trumpets and banging drums (3:30 AM)
-       Having to pee
-       Having to poo
-       Bird cawing
-       Hotel maid bursting in room without knocking
-       Rancid smell of sewer
-       Melissa yelling in her sleep
-       Nausea
-       Herd of 100 goats trotting by and bleeting (7 AM)
-       My host brother shaking my shoulder
-       Car door slamming
-       Bloody nose
-       Tiny, stray piece of metal screen from makeshift window screens is stuck in sheets and pricks my arm
-       Cell phone ringing
-       Call to prayer
-       Numb arms
-       Motor bike
-       Men loudly chatting next to my open window (6-7 AM)
-       Excessively itchy bug bites
-       Excessive thirst
-       Back pain
-       Weird dreams
-       Desire to check status of fantasy baseball team
-       Old woman banging a rusty, dented garbage can with a giant rock (7 AM)

And I know there are some I'm forgetting. When another especially interesting one happens I'll be sure and let you know!

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