Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My sister wonders, "Why there aren't more positive stories in the news, like someone planting a tree?"

Here you go.

April 23rd, 2013

Portland, Ore. --

As dawn broke last Friday, Frederick Williamson walked into the Burlingame Fred 
Meyer, headed to the nursery, and bought a Japanese Vine Maple. The
plant stood about four feet tall.

"I picked that particular maple because the foliage was simply
vibrant," Williamson said. "Also I stuck my finger in the soil and it
was damp, so I figured they'd been caring for it."

With assistance from Jesse Hummell, a 20-year-old store employee,
Williamson squeezed the tree into the back of his Toyota Corolla. The
branches had to be bent for the door to close, but Hummell stated he
"wasn't worried" they would break because he "did it all the time."

When Williamson arrived home, he retrieved the shovel from his garage
and planted the tree, during which time he took one break to buy a
Mountain Dew: Code Red from the nearby Plaid Pantry.

Neighbor Jean Beaty verified the planting process most likely lasted
several hours. "I'd just begun cleaning the canary cage when I
noticed (Frederick) pull in his driveway with the tree. I thought he
might come over and borrow my husband's pick because the ground looked
rather hard, but he started wailing away with his shovel," Beaty said. "I'm
not sure exactly how long it took because I dozed off and forgot to wind my
clocks, but when I woke he was still digging and the canary cage had several
new poops in it."

A phone call to Williamson for an update on the tree was not
immediately returned, though a check of his Twitter account yesterday
afternoon revealed he had Tweeted, "new trees lookin good #gogreen."

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